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Wild Rose Women's Indoor Triathlon - Cochrane (Spring)
March 17th, 2024

Spray Lakes Sawmills Family Sports Centre

(800 Griffin Road E, Cochrane, AB, T4C 2B8)

Here are some of the great things you'll get when you do the

Wildrose Women's Indoor Triathlon Experience: 

  • a professionally managed event by RnR Premier Events

  • a supportive environment focused on success for all athletes from beginner to advanced  

  • a personalized race bib 

  • a commemorative finisher's bracelet

  • post-race massage

  • post-race smoothie from Jugo Juice


ARRIVAL: (please arrive 30 minutes before your heat starts)

When you arrive at the facility you will check-in and get body marked to identify you throughout the swim, bike and run. You will then meet your group leader and other heat members. Your group leader will stay with you the entire event and be there to ensure you know where you are going, offer helpful tips and advice, and extra cheers!

SWIM: (10 minutes)
This can often be the most nerve racking component in a triathlon. We promise we are here to assist you, make you as comfortable as possible and ensure you are successful! 

Before the swim your group will head to the change rooms. You will get changed into what you will swim in (or even complete the entire race in), lock up (please bring a lock) the rest of your things, and use the washroom if necessary. 
You will then bring with your towel, swim cap and goggles onto the deck where you will meet your heat leader. Your heat leader and a swim marshal will help organize you into lanes (4 swimmers per lane) with swimmers of similar pace together.

*we will do our best to accommodate any requests to be in a lane with a friend.  

With 2 athletes at either end of the pool, on the word go you will enter the water and swim as many lengths as you can in the 10 minutes. You will swim in a counter-clockwise direction (lane rope will be directly on your right). Keep track of your own laps or just swim - it is up to you. You are welcome to stop and rest as much as you want or need at the end of the lanes in the 10 minutes. 


To pass someone tap their toes, and AT THE END OF THE LANE they can stop and allow you to pass. They are not required, nor should they stop in the middle of the lane. If someone wants to pass you, please be courteous and stop at the end of the lane to allow them to pass. 

There will be lifeguards and plenty of volunteers in the pool area, and your family and friends may watch and cheer you on from the stands! 

YOU ONLY HAVE 10 MINUTES! And its going to be a busy 15 minutes so you must move quickly and efficiently. You will be surprised how quickly 15
 minutes goes by!  

You will head back to the change rooms, dry off, put on any extra clothes, use the washroom if needed, and then walk the 3 - 4 minutes up to the spin room. You will then set up your bike and listen to instructions from Spray Lakes staff. 

BIKE: (20 minutes)
As mentioned you must have your bike set up within the 15-minute transition. The leader and knowledgeable volunteers, will help you set to the seat to the  right height for you. 

An instructor/coach will be leading you through a 20-minute bike workout! 
You must find the right mix of gearing tension and RPM (rotations per minute) of your pedal stoke to ensure you are putting in the proper effortAny issues or questions, during the bike just put up your arm and a volunteer will come assist you. 


It is a short walk from the spin room, to the track. Ensure you listening to your heat leader to notify you as to when your designated time starts. You will file onto the track quickly when the run marshal tells you to "Go!"

RUN: (15 minutes)
Athletes will run walk or run in the designated lanes on the track. 
The run marshal will notify you of which direction you will be running in. Run as many laps as you can in the 15 minutes. At 13 minutes we will be announcing "last lap"; please finish your lap and exit the track where specified. 

Please be advised that the track is open to Spray Lake Fitness members, so be courteous and kind to all on the track. You may not have anyone outside of the event run or walk with you due to capacity limits.


After the race, your group will meet in the lobby to receive your finisher's bracelet or Mala, and get your Jugo Juice. This will be a great opportunity to chat about the race with your group, family, and friends! 


We know that bringing friends and family to the event is special and important. Spectators are absolutely welcome at the Wild Rose Women's Indoor triathlon but please be advised it will be the swim and in between events that they may catch a quick hug and give you words of encouragement. 

SWIM: This is the BEST spot for spectators to get to see you! They can see you the entire time and cheer you on. 

BIKE: The spin rooms are small and due to liability, we cannot have spectators inside. 

RUN: There will unfortunately not be space outside or on the track area that spectators can cheer you on. 

What you Need

IMG_8871 (1).jpg

Here is a recommended gear list of what to bring with you on race day. 

-swimsuit or trisuit
-swim cap (OPTIONAL)

Transition from Pool to Bike:
-TOWEL (MANDATORY) - as you may not track water down the hall on the way to the spin studio
-extra clothes to put on before heading to the rest of your triathlon (OPTIONAL)
-running shoes - to do the rest of the event in, or to walk from the pool to the spin room if you plan on wearing cycling shoes 
-water bottle

-you will already be wearing everything
-as mentioned above, you may bring bike shoes for the spin bikes (SPD pedals) if you wish 

-change of clothes
-extra towel, shampoo and other toiletries if you plan to shower

-glasses (you can bring and volunteers will hold for you when you swim)
-any necessary medications you need with you at all times
-a light snack (do you get HANGRY...?) Bring any extra snacks you may want to have before or during the race.
-your friends and family! Bring them to watch you do your first triathlon! 



There are no refunds however, you can transfer your before October 30th.


After November 1st there are no rollovers  - this includes injuries or illnesses.


NOTE: By registering you take responsibility that you understand and agree to this statement. 


Participants must be 12 years of age or older to register regardless of athletic abilities. 


When you register, you can register for any heat you would like.

Sign up with a friend or family member and do it together!

*Please note we cannot accommodate heat changes.

Screen Shot 2022-11-27 at 9.09.07 PM.png



Saturday, March 16th, 2024
10 - 5
(1703 10th Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3C 0K1)



Sunday, March 17th, 2024

Spray Lakes Sawmills Family Sports Centre

(800 Griffin Road E, Cochrane, AB, T4C 2B8)

6:00am              Facility Opens

6:45am              Athlete Check In begins - you must check in a minimum of                                 30 minutes before your heat  

7:30am              Wild Rose Women's Indoor Triathlon begins

                            - heats are every 15 minutes and will take athletes 1 hour to                               complete their event.

Heat Times
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