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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the races at Wild Rose Women's Triathlon?

Sprint Distance Triathlon (750m swim, 18.5km bike, 4.8km run)

Try-A-Tri (300m swim, 9.25km bike, 2.4km run)

What is the date?

Sunday, August 13th, 2023


What do I get with my entry?

  • a professionally organized event 

  • a beautiful finisher's Mala

  • a swim cap 

  • chip timing with official results

  • delicious post-race food including chocolate fondue 

  • a post-race massage

  • free pre-race Learn to Tri clinics to help get you race ready

  • an incredible swag bag with product samples from sponsors

  • race day bike support 

  • Wild Rose Women's Triathlon gear (available for purchase)

Why do some athletes have yellow wrist bands? 

Yellow wrist bands means this is the athletes VERY FIRST TRIATHLON! We want everyone to acknowledge and celebrate their special day. 

Are there Relays?

Yes, there is a relay option for the Wild Rose Women's SPRINT DISTANCE  event. 

What is the minimum age to do this event?

We have set the age at 14 years. While we appreciate your child may be physically capable of doing this event, we ask they wait until they are 14 years (as of race day). Many kids of steel events are available to kids under this age through the Alberta Triathlon Association.  

I can no longer race, can I get a refund?


In the event that you can no longer race for any reason (medical included), we are not offering refunds in any capacity. See Rollovers.


Rollovers/Distance Changes:

More than 30 days prior to race day - you may either roll over your entry to the following year or change your Sprint Distance registration to the Try-A-Tri Distance.

Please email with your name and distance to be rolled over.

Less than 30 days prior to race day, after July 13, 2023 - we cannot offer a rollover to the following year or change your Sprint Distance registration to the Try-A-Tri Distance


Where and when is Package Pick-up?

Package pick-up will take place at Tri It Multisport (1703 10th Ave SW).

August 11th 11am - 6pm

August 12th 10am - 2pm

*package pick up is NOT available race morning

What is in my package at package pick up?

You will get:

  • race bib

  • swim cap

  • goodies from sponsors

When will I get my timing chip?

You will get your timing chip before you enter the YMCA.

What age group will I race in?

Age Group athletes will race in their Age Group division corresponding to the athlete's age on December 31st, 2021


What if I can't swim. Can I still do the race?

The swim portion is mandatory. We encourage you to register for the distance you know you will be able to complete the swim.

What strokes are allowed?

Any stroke is allowed! Even if it is not technically a real stroke! You just can't walk.


Can I stop at the end of the pool and rest during the race? 

Absolutely! Stop, take  rest and catch your breath. Just tuck into the corner so you do not impede the other swimmers in your lane. 

Can I swim in the pool prior to the race?

You may, however you will have to go on your own time and pay the drop in fee to use the YMCA.

What material are the swim caps?

The swim caps will be made of latex.


Will there be extra swim caps at the start if one tears?

Yes, there will be extra swim caps in case of emergency.



What type of bike can I use?

The bicycle must be human powered with two wheels of equal diameter. The front wheel shall be steerable; the rear wheel shall be driven through a system comprising of pedals and a chain. Any typical road bike, triathlon bike, or mountain bike shall be acceptable however, if you are unsure, please contact the Alberta Triathlon Association.  

Will the roads be closed to traffic? 

The roads will not be closed to traffic. Athletes will ride to the far RIGHT along the roadways. Flag persons will be in place to assist you when turning left - PLEASE LISTEN TO THEIR INSTRUCTIONS. Please stop if they tell you to do so and only turn when they signal you to do so (that it is safe). Athletes DO NOT have the right of way. Please be mindful and safe at all times when riding on the road as you would if you were out fort a ride by yourself.

What if something on my bike is not working race morning? 

We will have mechanics on site race morning for issues such as flat tires. Please have your bike serviced prior to race day to ensure it is in working order.

Will you have aid stations on the bike?

There will be an aid-station at the lap turnaround just outside of transition. The Try-A-Tri Distance will NOT access this as they will be headed into transition. The Sprint Distance will be able to access this before they head out for their 2nd loop on the bike. 

What is the official bike course cut off time?

All Sprint athletes must complete the bike course by 9:30am.

All Try-a-Try athletes must complete the bike course by 9:45am.


What are the surfaces for the run courses?

The surface is a combination or pathway, pavement and gravel. A regular runnings shoes is most suitable for this course.

Do bib numbers need to be worn during the run?

Yes, bib numbers need to be worn on the run. They need to be worn on your FRONT.

Will you have Aid Stations on the run?

Yes, there will be an aid station on the run with water and electrolytes. 

What is the official run course cut off time?

Sprint and Try-a-Try athletes must complete the run course by 10:30am.


What time does transition open in the morning?

Transition opens at 6:00am.

What can I bring into transition?

1. yourself (NO ONE ELSE!) 

2. your bike

3. a small bag with all of your things - Tupperware containers, buckets, bins, chairs, stools and yoga mats are not permitted in transition


Can I reserve a spot? 

No, you may not reserve or hold spots for friends in transition. Spots are first come, first serve.  We must fit 6 bikes per rack and we will have volunteers ensuring this is the case. Things can get a little tight.

Can I mark my spot?

You may not mark your spot in any way. A great way to find your spot is to count what number of bike rack you are on so when you run into transition it can help you locate your spot. 

Are bike pumps allowed in transition?

You may use your own pump only if it is removed from transition prior to the race start.

Can I get changed in transition? 

You can put clothes over top of your bathing suit but you MAY NOT undress in transition (nudity is an actual rule violation). Even if you wrap a towel around yourself, we cannot allow it. Part of triathlon is riding your bike a little bit wet. Embrace it! ​

Is there a bike check-out time after the event?

All bike must be checked out of transition daily no later than 15 minutes after the last finisher.



Will there be age group awards?

While we will not be doing age group awards we will have a special Mala for the top 3 finishers in the Sprint Distance Event as well as a special award "The Orysia Blahut Sprit Award" (honouring an athlete who best embodies the spirit of the Wild Rose Triathlon).


Where will official results be posted?

Official results will be posted on our website and at Startline Timing after results are verified for each event.

Where is the lost and found?

The lost and found will be located at the announcer's booth/finish area. After race day contact for lost and found. All unclaimed lost items will be donated after 30 days.



Where can my friends and family watch me?

You bet! They must stay off the race course and watch/cheer from designated areas inside and on the YMCA grounds.

Can my friends go out on the course to cheer me on?

No, we ask that spectators DO NOT  go out on the race course so we limit traffic for the safety of all racers. 


Can my friends and family finish with me?

Due to the rules of being a sanctioned race through the Alberta Triathlon Association, friends and/or family members are NOT permitted to cross the finish line and enter the finish chute with participating athletes. This is 100% a safety issue. Please have them cheer you in and give you a big hug AFTER you cross the finish line.  

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