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Drumheller Wild Rose Women's Triathlon Festival
The Wild Rose Women's Triathlon is the #1 triathlon in Alberta! This triathlon in Drumheller is a great triathlon whether it is your first or you are a seasoned triathlete. This welcoming, supportive environment makes for the best triathlon experience around. With a 5km on the Saturday and a beautiful yoga class and outdoor picnic you will want to grab your girlfriends and make a fun weekend of it!
Saturday, June 1st - 9am: 5km Run 
Saturday, June 1st - 4pm: Yoga and Outdoor Picnic
Sunday, June 2nd - 8am: Triathlon


Local Charity 

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Colton’s Place Temporary Domestic Violence Unit

Colton’s Place Temporary Domestic Violence Unit is a collaborative effort between the Salvation Army, Big Country Anti-Violence Association, Town of Drumheller, Drumheller Housing Administration and Drumheller RCMP. Colton’s place has also been sponsored by the Drumheller Rotary. Colton’s Place is named in memory of Drumheller resident Colton McIntosh whose young life ended tragically as a result of family violence.

Colton’s Place Temporary Domestic Violence Unit provides safe short-term housing for individuals and their children who are in crisis or transition. We support individuals in their search for a better future, helping them overcome trauma, focus on healing, develop economic stability, and secure safe, affordable housing.
Colton’s Place Temporary Domestic Violence Unit assists individuals on a short-term basis while working to secure safe shelter or safe, affordable permanent housing. The Colton’s Place Emergency Unit will also work at connecting individuals and their children to community resources for further support to help them move forward towards self-reliance, personal growth, healing, and independence.

Alberta Council of Women’s Shelter’s 2018 report indicates that from 2015-2018 approximately 18,136 individuals were served by shelters in Alberta. The same report indicates that in “2017/18 16,722 women, children and seniors were turned away due to lack of capacity”. With shelter’s functioning a further reduced capacity during Covid-19 to allow for social distancing and safety measures, we anticipate that more individuals will be turned away from shelter in 2020. Reduced accommodation options make it even harder to leave an abusive partner. Physical distancing makes it harder to stay with friends, and many landlords have temporarily stopped taking new applicants. For this reason and along with the challenge of loss of bus service to larger centers for Drumheller, BCAVA and Salvation Army felt it was imperative to have options to support individuals locally until access to longer term shelter options become available.

If you think someone you know is experiencing family violence, reach out by contacting, The Salvation Army at 403-823-2215. To learn more, visit or

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